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About Us

What is Dragdealy?

Dragdealy is the world’s very first time descending reverse auction marketplace, we’re the newest, coolest and the most exciting way to buy and sell online while still being your friendly neighborhood marketplace, we strive to give our customers an exceptional eCommerce and online user experience while bringing you closer to your local communities in Australia and around the world.

Our Story

Welcome to Dragdealy, You’re joining us at the very first chapter of the Dragdealy story!!!

Dragdealy was founded On Australia’s Sunny Gold Coast In December of 2019 By construction laborer Kyle Dale, With Christmas quickly approaching and after being completely Stumped on ideas on what to buy A hyperactive 7 year old, He took his search online to various classified and auction marketplaces and the result was an experience that he found too tedious and too boring.

Dragdealy was founded with a simplistic idea, to breathe fire and life back into e-commerce and to create an online marketplace that gets people excited about buying and selling online again.

With A simplistic idea scribbled on A McDonald’s paper tray liner Kyle started conversations with friends, colleagues, and random strangers about an e-commerce platform that would fundamentally change the way people buy and sell online and It was the shared excitement, belief and enthusiasm from the people that he shared his vision with that ultimately helped turned Dragdealy from A concept into one of the most exciting eCommerce start-ups in the world today.

What makes Us Different?

We built Dragdealy backwards, we started with people and we learnt by listening, by engaging with people it allowed us to work our way backwards to find the better way to do eCommerce

As a start-up we can’t predict the future of eCommerce so we’re doing our best to create it, while others choose to imitate we chosen to innovate.

A Special Thank you

I’d like to thank my beautiful fiancée Fiona whose love, support and belief in me has brightened up every single day, forever changed my life and has helped me turn my dreams including this one into reality.

Equality for Everyone

Dragdealy was built to be completely fair and unbiased, Buyers and Sellers are on the same playing field and we’ll keep tinkering to ensure Dragdealy always remains a fair and balanced marketplace for everybody.

Our Vision

To change the way the world buys and sells online, through innovation, excitement, love and enthusiasm. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something; build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” Buckminster Fuller.

Creative Solutions Matter

Creative solutions and Innovation is the core of what we do, it's the reason why we're here, we’re living proof of what can be created and achieved from one simplistic idea and one big rawr.


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