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Find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions below

General Questions & Information

  • Registering- how to create a Dragdealy account?

    Getting started with Dragdealy is free and easy, simply click the register button on the top right hand side of the page, you can sign-up instantly via your Google account, your Facebook account or with a valid email address.

  • Does Dragdealy have a mobile App?

    Yes, we offer a Dragdealy app for iPhone and android platforms, these apps can be downloaded via android’s Google play store and iOS app store, all other smartphones can use our Dragdealy mobile site.

  • What types of Dragdealy accounts are there?

    Dragdealy has different account options from basic, to premium account functionality, we offer accounts for personal, community, business/trades and services and re-sellers, more information about our account types can be found on our “login/join us” page

  • What to do if you’ve forgot your password?

    To reset your password go into the login page then click the can’t access my account button underneath under the login and password fields enter your email address and and/or user name and a account recovery link will be sent to your email address you’ll be able to use this new password to access you’re account .

  • Notifications – setting up listing notifications allows you to know when items you're watched are sold or if there prices have dropped

    to set up listing notifications simply go into the listing you wish to receive notifications from then click the bell icon in the listing and then select the notifications that you wish to receive you will now receive notifications to your IOS or android mobile phone or to your validated email address.

  • Messaging/ communicating with people?

    – it all starts with a friendly hello, communicating with other users is important when buying and selling with Dragdealy, so to help you out we've included generic question options when you message a seller this allows you to ask the questions you need in A simple direct and friendly manor.

  • How do I delete my account ?

    we're sorry to see you go, If you wish to delete your account simple go into your account settings select delete account and confirm by imputing your password and confirming with your email address.

  • More questions?

    if you have any more questions or you feel like a question needs to be added to this section feel free to tell us via our contact us page

Buyers Questions

  • How do I find items on Dragdealy?

    Searching for items on Dragdealy is easy, you can search for items by scrolling through our home page or you can do an advanced search via the all categories page where you can sort and filter items via price, location category and even postage.

  • What is my wish list and how do I use it?

    with the nature of Dragdealy, items can appear and disappear in seconds, we give buyers the ability to create products alerts to save time searching and to ensure they don’t miss out on any of their favorite products or items, product alerts can be created and managed in your wish list in the my Dragdealy section.

  • Can I retract or delete a bid?

    Due to the nature of our service “First bidder wins the auction” A bid cannot be retracted as when you are placing a bid you are agreeing to buy the item at that price.

  • How long do I have to pay for an item?

    you'll be required to make payment to the seller within 2 days of the auction ending, the seller will not receive postage information until payment has been made.

  • An Item that I've been watching has just disappeared?

    this could have happened because 1 The item has been purchased by a buyer 2 The item has hit the rock bottom (reserve) listing price 3 The seller has removed the item before the end of the auction 4 The ad has been removed and/or deleted by Dragdealy for A breach of our terms and conditions.

  • How do I know when an item is listed or when an auction is ending?

    To keep Dragdealy equal and fair for both buyers and sellers the following information is kept hidden When an item has been listed When an item will end When the listing price will next drop next. This means that a buyer’s decision will be based on the current listing price of an item not when the listing price will drop or when the listing will end this means that buyers will bid and pay on what they believe is a fair listing price.

  • The item I've purchased isn't what was in the ad or hasn't arrived, what do I do now?

    The best thing you can do is let the seller know that the item hasn't arrived and continue to keep positive communications with the seller and ask the following questions for clarity 1) When the seller sent the the item. 2) When the item is expected to be delivered. 3) Ask for a tracking number if available, in the situation that all correspondence breaks down file a report with dragdealy and let us know as soon as possible.

  • Why can't I see a sellers contact details?

    To best protect both buyers and sellers, presale buyer and seller correspondence occurs via open message format in the item page, this is a deterrent for scammers so this this way if anything goes wrong dragdealy will have all correspondence from both parties to take necessary action and this also ensures that every potential buyer has the same amount of information.

  • how do I ask the seller a question ?

    you can message the seller via the listing page by clicking on the orange message seller button in the top right hand side of the page, all questions and information is shown publicly on the listing page this stops the seller from having to answer the same questions and this gives other buyers more information about the product.

  • Does Dragdealy offer Buyer Protection?

    As of yet we don’t offer Buyer Protection services to buyers however we’re working really hard to build a buyer protection offerings into Dragdealy, this would cover 1) Items that haven’t been delivered to you by the seller. 2) Items that are delivered damaged or faulty, or items that become damaged or faulty within a 30 day time frame . 3) Items that are delivered that are of a complete difference to what was described in the listing . We advise buyers and sellers to do their best to try and resolve any issues that may arise together, if you’re unable to reach a solution please file a dispute and we’ll do our best to help you resolve the issue.

  • More questions?

    If you have any more questions or you feel like a question needs to be added to this section feel free to tell us via our contact us page .

Seller Questions, start selling with us today!

  • What information should I include in my ad?

    It's good to include as much information and to be as descriptive as possible, if you Include the below information you'll be well on your way to creating a fantastic ad An accurate item title and description The condition of your item (new/near-new or used) High quality images Postage and delivery conditions.

  • I can’t find A suitable category or sub category for my ad what do I do?

    If you think we’re missing a category or if you’d like to see a category added please send a suggestion via our contact forum and we’ll be happy to add it to the list.

  • What can I do, The captcha code “anti-spam” filter isn’t working?

    If you’re having trouble with the captcha code it could be because, A) cookies aren’t enabled on your device or JavaScript hasn’t been Installed on your device java can be downloaded at

  • What happens if nobody bids on my product?-

    If nobody bids on your listing it’s okay once your listing hits your rock bottom price your listing will end and YES you still get to keep the item that you've listed we're not that mean.

  • I want to sell something but I don't want to risk losing everything?

    It’s okay by setting a rock bottom price that you'd be happy with if your item sold is the key.

  • How much does it cost to sell with Dragdealy?

    Listing Fees For a limited time only you can list almost anything on Dragdealy for zero, zilch, zip or nada absolutely nothing!!! 🙂 Automotive marine or plant and/or equipment $10 Relist for $1 To real-estate listing or business or entities for sale $20 Relist for $2 Sellers Fees Upon successfully selling an item, you'll be required to pay a set sellers fee of 4% of the Sale value of item(s) sold with Dragdealy.

  • The item I've purchased isn't what was I Additional paid listing features are available the ad or hasn't arrived, what do I do now?

    Listing an item as A Hot item will ensure that your ad is popular, your listing will be displayed in the most prominent positions and is highlighted in listing searches. Sleep mode – Everybody Sleeps right? Let your listing sleep when everyone else does, by activating Sleep mode the price of your listing won’t drop between the hours of 23:00 to 06:30.

  • Paying your fees?

    It’s important that fees are paid on time, Non Payment or late payment of fees could result in restrictions or a suspension placed on your account.

  • What can or can't I sell with Dragdealy?,

    You can sell almost anything with Dragdealy, however due to your safety, laws and keeping Dragdealy in good taste we have a list of prohibited items that you cannot sell ; • Adult products and/or services • Drugs and/or drug paraphernalia • Stolen property • Firearms weapons & Knifes and other illicit or banned weapons • Mailing lists, credit card or personal contact information • Anything of an illegal or illicit in nature • Any product currently under a safety recall or ban • Prescription drugs or medicine • Explosive, highly flammable, radioactive or highly corrosive items If you have any questions about what items you can or cannot sell please contact us before listing thanks . This list is subject to change additional items and/or categories maybe be added at a later date if applicable.

  • Who Pays For Postage?

    Postage is the responsibility of the seller A seller has 4 postage options No postage – local pick up only Free - seller pays for postage Flat rate – Winner pays a specified flat rate for Item to be sent locally Full cost – Winner pays An exact Amount for the item to be posted to the location of the buyer Please stipulate your postage conditions in your Ad!

  • Can I delete my Ad listing?

    Sure, we understand the nature of selling online and items may be listed on those other sites, Dragdealy sellers will be able to remove active listings if there's no bid history.

  • More questions ?

    If you have any more questions or you feel like a question needs to be added to this section feel free to tell us via our contact us page

Buying and selling safely online

We think our members are awesome, we care about you guys and we wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen, so we’ve created some tips to help you avoid scams and fraud on Dragdealy and anywhere else on the web
  • Always Trust your gut if it sounds too good to be true it most properly is.
  • Try and deal local.
  • Avoid escrow.
  • Beware of identity thief.
  • NEVER, EVER wire transfers any type of payment.
  • Don’t make payments with gift cards.
As with society there’s always a few bad apples that can ruin the most beautiful things, if in doubt report it 
Report any Listings or content that you think may be suspicious
You can report a listing by clicking on the report button in the top left hand side of the listing, we highly encourage our users to report any listings that are
  • listings that are fraudulent or scams
  • listings that are spam or breaking our terms and conditions
  • listings that engage in illicit activities such as copyright infringement
 By reporting these types of listing you are helping to protect other users and are helping to improve Dragdealy for everyone.
Partner with us- Dragdealy offers an unparalleled introduction to our members through dynamic and exciting advertising opportunities to maximize your branding exposure as our members us Dragdealy.
For more information on Dragdealy sponsorship, advertising & marketing or media opportunities please contact us here or at 
Help share Dragdealy  –Love the Dragdealy concept, join our marketing and affiliate team and help us share Dragdealy with the world, send us a message and/or share your ideas and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Any questions? –Do you have feedback? Or are you looking to contact us, feel free to use the form listed below.



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